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You just got a shiny new desktop or laptop computer. But now, how do you get rid of your old machine? You shouldn't put it in the trash. Computer components are toxic; But first, remove personal information or your identity could be stolen.   Deleting files isn't enough; they can be recovered. Also, you may consider donating them to us, we will do the clean up for you FREE, zero level erase your data and recycle the computer to be sent to missionaries around the world through our Computers For Christ Ministry.  We have sent many laptops, printers, pc's, etc. to people that are serving God in other countries and need to get in touch with their homes and church base.
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c o n s u l t i n g

Confused about the internet at large? We can help.

We have been working on the internet and computer networks long enough to know that a good start leads to a good finish. Our staff can assist you in planning your computer needs as well as the implementing your web presence. Our consultation does not involve a lot of buzz words and industry jargon, but rather an introspective look at your business and your unique needs.

Let us offer you a fresh perspective.


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